Spot On

Simon Off -- apparently a Brazilian legislator wants to make it illegal to give pets human names. The reasoning behind this legislation will amuse you... check it out.

Robot Fighting League

This is too funny! A league of boxing robots... This is the official website for the 2004 Robot Fighting League held in San Francsisco. From here you can read about the fighting robots and even review the statistics for the robots that have entered the competition!

The BBC News Styleguide [pdf]

For wordsmiths who may want to broaden their cultural and linguistic horizons, the style guide used by British Broadcasting Corporation writers, producers, reporters and newsreaders (as the British refer to anchorpeople) should prove to be both useful and entertaining. The BBC's Style Guide training and development page at http://www.bbctraining.com/styleguide.asp features several interesting style-related articles, e.g. Cliches and Journalese.

Online Poker News

According to US news sources, gambling is on the rise as a new favorite pasttime (with California setting the pace) -- and now online gambling is gaining legitimacy, according to this website. This website provides news on the topic as well as trivia and other related links. Personally, I had no idea there was an online poker industry!

This Land Presidential Parody

Complements of the Scout Report's editor, here is a rather fun addition to this week's In the News for the Scout Report. Jib Jab Media, a product of Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, has produced this great parody. In fact, the brothers are getting so much attention from national and international media that their server is ready to blow.