Ghost Town

On Friday evening, April 25th, 1986, during what should have been a routine test, things went very, very wrong at the Chernobyl-4 nuclear power plant. This site tells the story, with words and photos, of one woman's motorcycle trip through the resulting devastation.

Surviving a Tapeworm

Here's a lovely illustrated story about one man's experience with a beef tapeworm. As one might expect of a story about a giant worm living in a man's intestines, this story is not for the squeamish. Nor is it for people who have a fear of tapeworms. This blogger, for instance, may never sleep again.

A Car with a Wake

Hm...do I want to take the car today, or the boat? Are you faced with that tough decision every day? Do you agonize over committing to just one mode of transportation? Your worries are over! Now with the new WaterCar you can travel over water or land, with one vehicle! Able to reach speeds of 45 MPH in the water and 125 MPH on land, your new amphibious vehicle will be the envy of the whole neighborhood!

Mel and Floyd (a.k.a. Mr. Smartypants) Transcripts

Here you go all you librarian-nerds. This library science grad student took her seminar assignment to a previously unheard of level. Each week, Nichole transcribes the decidedly random, odd, and goofy ramblings of a local talkshow called Mel and Floyd. The show is aired on the community radio station -- W.O.R.T. The only problem with the transcript is that you don't get the effect of Mel and Floyd's trademark giggling. Thus, add those as needed. Enjoy.