If you're running Mac OS X and you're looking for an amusing way to kill some time, check out Sproings. You can make your own springy things out of nodes and lines and then throw them around and watch them bounce. This software doesn't do anything at all useful but it's vastly more interesting than, for instance, attending to any classwork this blogger might have due in the next few days. Here's a video of Sproings in action.
(Link via macosxhints)

Linux and Open Source Usability

John Gruber over at daringfireball has posted an interesting rant in response to a prominent open source advocate and his troubles configuring a printer on a linux system. Gruber proposes that an inherent problem in linux/open-source development is that usability is treated as a tertiary feature rather than an integral piece of functionality. Usability, he argues, won't be getting any better until it becomes a top priority.

Man Alone Atop the World

We reported on this site a while back, but many readers may have glassed past it. In case you haven't heard, Ben Saunders is currently --at this very second-- in the midst of crossing the Arctic. Solo. On skis. This site has daily dispatches from Ben with updates regarding his whereabouts and adventures. There's even a satellite map that tracks his progress.

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Born a country girl in southern Wisconsin, Georgia O'Keeffe blew the doors off of painting by making small, simple things bigger. In keeping with her progression in life from Wisconsin to New York and New Mexico, the O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe serves as a great portal to the public -- as does this exceptional website. Check it out.