Crazy Aaron sells putty in 25 different colors, and forget those tiny little Silly Putty eggs, this nutty Aaron fellow will sell you his stuff in one pound bags. The black putty is magnetic (1MB mpeg).

Meet Dudley Hiibel

In May of 2000, 59-year-old Dudley Hiibel was standing next to his pickup truck on the side of the road talking to his daughter when a deputy sheriff pulled up and asked to see his identification. Hiibel refused to show ID (since the deputy wouldn't say why he wanted to see it), and a few minutes later Hiibel was under arrest for Delaying a Peace Officer. On March 22nd (2004), the US Supreme Court will be hearing the case.

The Northern Lights

If you're fascinated by, or you've never seen, the northern lights, then check out this great site: Michigan Tech University's Aurora Page. The site has all sorts of good aurora info -- including forecasts -- but, be sure to scroll down to the Images section for some unbelievable pics of the aurora borealis.