Daddy-longlegs Myth

Have you ever heard that Daddy-longlegs are highly poisonous spiders but due to short fangs cannot bite humans? This website from the UC-Riverside Department of Entomology challenges this myth and provides some background information about Daddy-longlegs spiders and another arachnid considered the true Daddy-longlegs.

Delicious Low-Fat Play-Doh

The nice people at Hasbro have done it again! Now you can have your very own Play-Doh George Forman Grill. Mold Play-Doh into bacon or french fries and listen as the grill emits convincing sizzling noises. To answer the question of every toddler in the world: no, you cannot eat the Play-Doh. The delicious lumps that come out of the sizzling grill, which is marketed to three year olds, should not be eaten.

Literacy in Estonia

This article from the International Reading Association gives an overview of the Estonian language, history, and discusses general reading habits, political literacy and new literacy. I love learning about languages, and can't help but want to learn more about my grandmothers' native country and language.