Mozilla Project Adopts Third Name

The Mozilla project has released a new version of its stand alone browser Phoenix ... I mean Firebird ... I mean Firefox. That's it, Firefox. The new version of the fiery-animal-metaphor-browser-thingy seems to be largely a bug fix release, though it does come with the latest in brand confusion technology. (Kidding aside, it really is a top-notch browser.)

Ripoff 101

Textbook prices keep going up and up, and all too often you're now forced to buy a new textbook (instead of used) for no discernible reason. This study done by two student public interest groups provides some interesting insights into this frustrating trend.

OmniWeb Beta 5

For weblog readers out there running OS X, the Omni Group has released a beta version of its OmniWeb browser which is definitely worth taking a look at. Beta 5 introduces a whole bunch of nifty features that you won't see anywhere else. To name a few: tabbed browsing with thumbnail images, preferences on a per-site basis, and workspaces which save window and tab locations. It also has an ad-blocking option which works a bit like PithHelmet (a fantastic plugin) for Safari.

Salsa Web

Here users can find the best places to salsa all around the world as well as dance articles, world events, and entertaining stories.

A House of Ice

27,000 blocks of ice later, and standing at nearly 75-feet tall, the Ice Palace is finished. Returning to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival after a decades long absence, it's truly the talk of the town.