Xylophone Madness

This blogger has seen a lot of three year olds playing the xylophone over the years, as such, this blogger is not easily impressed by such things. That said, this is without a doubt the cutest three year old playing a xylophone ever.
(Requires Quicktime 5)
(Warning: Pop-ups)

Child's Play

A small group of 10-13 year-olds sample the video games of yesteryear. For those who experienced them firsthand, these fresh perspectives may entertain you - and possibly make you feel a bit obsolete.

Understanding Arbus

This wonderful article on lauded photographer Diane Arbus and the accompanying photos are from Sunday's NY Times Magazine. If you didn't get a chance to peruse the paper version, grab some coffee, close your office door and pretend you're at home on the couch. [free registration required]

The Nanotech Revolution

A nanometer is roughly 1/1,000,000th of the thickness of a US dime. Nanotechnology involves building very tiny machines, on the scale of nanometers. In this article in the New Atlantis, Adam Keiper explains in layman's terms some of the concepts behind and recent developments in nanotechnology, and discusses where it might be headed in the future.


Google is an amazing search tool, but its output is not as objective as you might think. In the article in Slate, Steven Johnson points out three areas where Google, by its very nature, skews the search results it returns.