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Serving as a connection between technology developers and their potential customers, is a hub for remarkable new innovations and breakthroughs waiting to be discovered. Although there is a fee for membership, the free weekly features are likely the main attraction for most curious visitors. Tech of the Week highlights recently invented technologies from sources around the world. Each...
View Resource Team of Paleontologists Discovers New Dinosaur Species

Working as part of a joint expedition, scientists from India and the United States (including the well-known paleontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago) announced this Wednesday that they discovered a new carnivorous dinosaur species in the Narmada River region in western India. Based on the bones located by the team, this newly discovered species of dinosaur was between 25-30 feet...
View Resource Project Exploration

Chicago-based Project Exploration "is the living classroom that involves students and the public in scientific discovery, by connecting kids and families to interactive exhibits, labs, unique science programs and real scientists." Project Exploration focuses on reaching city kids, but every kid (and teachers) should check out this wonderful Web site. Visitors will find tons of activities and...
View Resource German Scientists Discover Key to Mummification

Utilizing a method described by Pliny the Elder (the first encyclopaedist), chemists from Tuebingen University and the Doerner-Institut have tracked the preservative used in the mummification process to an extract of the cedar tree. For many years, many Egyptologists believed that the embalming oil was extracted from juniper rather than cedar. Through their experiments, the team of scientists...
View Resource MIT OpenCourseWare: Development of Inventions and Creative Ideas

Many a great invention has come out of MIT, and it's nice to know that their OpenCourseWare initiative provides materials from a class titled "Development of Inventions and Creative Ideas" taught by Professor Robert Rines and Dr. Dedric Carter. The course "examines the role of the engineer as patent expert and as technical witness in court and patent interference and related proceedings." That's...
View Resource National Science Foundation: Discoveries

This site from the National Science Foundation (NSF) features the discoveries and advances of researchers who have put their NSF funding to good use. Start by reading the article feed that updates several times a week with profiles about investigators and their projects. Or browse by Research Area - Arctic & Antarctic, Astronomy & Space, Biology, and almost a dozen others - for more targeted...

View Resource Using fruit from a squirrel's burrow, Russian scientists generate an ancient arctic flower

Dead for 32,000 Years, an Arctic Plant Is Revived [Free registration may be required] Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years Wild flower blooms again after 30,000 years on...
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