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View Resource Is the Old Better Than the New? A Study That Puts the Stradivarius to the Test

In Classic v. Modern Violins, Beauty is in Ear of the Beholder [Free registration may be required] Aesthetics and Money: Fiddling with the Mind Stradivarius Fails Sound Test versus Newbie...
View Resource After a tempest of controversy regarding a popular theater production, a retraction and conversation.

Daisey revises 'Steve Jobs' Monologue After Dispute Over Facts Mike Daisey speaks out against media in Apple controversy This American Life:...
View Resource Can "Big Data" tell us new things about big cities?

Why Bigger Cities Are Greener Cities The Economic Productivity of Urban Areas: Disentangling General Scale Effects from Local Exceptionability Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis SENSEable City...
View Resource As the Summer Olympics begin in London, there is some well-founded anxiety about the long-term benefits of hosting such a grand venture

London Olympics: Are organizers not willing to pay for play?,0,4734546.story Why The Olympics Aren't Good For Us, And How They Can Be BBC Sport: Olympics London...
View Resource The Economist: World in 2013

What is the world like in 2013? It's a great question, and The Economist has a few answers. Each year, this publication publishes a guide to the trends and quandaries that will consume the attention of policy-makers, politicians, concerned citizens, and others across the globe. The materials here include political analyses, technology reports, and commentaries on culture. The pieces here are...

View Resource Vox

Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Vox offers up a range of topical essays, complemented by videos and images, that illustrate the latest news and trending stories. Visitors can scroll down to Understand the News to get concise and pithy summaries of everything from Bitcoin to the recalls of major automobile manufacturers. The Today's Top Stories area is quite nifty and the Most Read...

View Resource CurioCity: Articles

The CurioCity E-Zine from Let’s Talk Science is geared toward precocious teens, but there is plenty for adults to enjoy as well. Readers can browse articles in a variety of subjects, including Consumer Science, Entertainment, Environment, Health, In the News, Sports, and Tech Buzz. Typical offerings include gems like “Throwaway Sex Organs” (re: sea slugs) and “Can Eating Peanuts Cure Peanut...

View Resource Geography: Maps, Country Information, Quizzes

In 1984 the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association of American Geographers defined five themes of geography. What themes? Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, and Region. This site from, with its attractive layout and accessible articles, makes clear just how fascinating and complex the field of geography really is. Start with the newsfeed,...

View Resource The Upshot

Since The Upshot opened its virtual doors on April 22, 2014, it has published over 1,500 articles, charts, tables, interactive calculators, maps, and photo essays. Since we covered the site in September, the Upshot has celebrated its first anniversary. In commemoration, it published a must-read list of its most popular pieces, including a map of migration in the U.S., a photo essay of what 2,000...

View Resource Economist’s View

If you’re looking for a mountain of information, opinions, trends, and skirmishes on economics, this site is for you. Granted, it’s not the most flashy site, but it showcases an incredible array of authors, from Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman to Fed Chair Janet Yellin. Assembled by Mark Thoma, an economics professor at the University of Oregon, there is no end to the fascinating debates you can...

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