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Centibots: The 100 Robots Project

Involving two universities and two research organizations, this multi-tiered project is "aimed at developing new technology to support the coordinated deployment of as many as 100 robots for missions such as urban surveillance." One of the most significant tasks concerns the problem of designing the robots to efficiently work together as a team. Many technical details of the project are given, as...
A Cockroach Inspired Robot with Artificial Muscles

The Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) has created many unique robots. This research paper describes the process of designing and constructing one of the newest creations, a robotic cockroach. Weighing over 30 pounds, the CWRU Robot V is much larger than its real-life counterpart but its design closely approximates the movements of an actual roach....

Recent news coverage on the Mars Rover has sparked a renewed interest in robotics. Projects like the Personal Exploration Rover (see under Education in this report) are bringing this technology to K-12 classrooms, while others are exploring the ways scientists can match the technology to the needs of people. This Topic in Depth offers a closer look into research on robotics and the many uses of...
Popular Science: Technology

The Popular Science website, posts a range of articles on Science, Technology, History, Philosophy, Arts, and News & Ideas. Links to related books available through are provided at the end of each of the (fairly short) articles. The website also includes information on the Nobel Prize, including a list of all the Nobel Prize winners through 2001.
Two on Robotics

Chuck's Robotics Notebook "serves as a journal and knowledge repository for the aspiring roboticist" and includes sections on circuits, projects, and controllers. A section on Complete Robots describes some of the robots he has built and includes some photos. A "bibliography of sorts" provides his favorite books and articles "so that you can build a 'Mechatronic' library of your own." The second...
Robotica Exotica

Gabriel Hugh Elkaim, an Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of California at Santa Cruz has posted this blog called Robotica Exotica. This fun webpage contains "musings about robots, autonomous vehicles, and technology." Entries are posted frequently and previous months are kept in an online archive. Recent entries include a bit titled "Educational Robot comes packed with...
ASIMO Humanoid Robot

This is the educational companion website to ASIMO (see MET report August 16, 2002, Humanoid Robot), a robot designed by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The ASIMO North American Educational Tour introduces the Honda ASIMO robot to kids across America as a way to encourage students to study robotics and science. Although the online schedule shows no touring after July 11, 2004, they suggest you check back...
University of Washington: Robotics and State Estimation Lab

The Robotics and State Estimation Lab at the University of Washington is "interested in the development of embedded computing systems that interact autonomously with their environment in an intelligent way." The lab investigates probabilistic methods and their application to mobile robotics in order to "develop rich yet efficient methods for representing uncertainty and for reasoning under...
Robot Hall of Fame

The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University's Robot Hall of Fame honors "landmark achievements in robotics technology and the increasing contributions of robots to human endeavors." The website groups robots into two categories: Robots from Science and Robots from Science Fiction. Robots from Science includes "real robots that have served useful or potentially useful functions and...
USC: The Interaction Lab

The Interaction Lab at the University of Southern California is part of the Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES) and the USC Robotics Labs. Its work involves "using a behavior-based approach to control, favoring solutions that are distributed, scalable, and robust" and when possible, validating algorithms in embodied domains. Areas of study include: Multi-Robot Coordination and...
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