OAI-PMH Server Configuration

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OAI-PMH Server Configuration

In OAI-PMH Server Configuration, in oai_dc format, in Elements dc:title (OAI Field) is missing. We tried to enter it but on clicking Add Element it is not adding new field. Without dc:title indexing in not working well and showing Title is missing. 

Kindly help, it is quite urgent. 

Thanks in advance. 

Re: OAI-PMH Server Configuration

It is intentional that oai_dc cannot be modified -- that's why the 'Add Element' button is disabled. But it should most definitely contain dc:title. That should have been created when the OAI Server was first installed. We're investigating what could have gone wrong to cause it to be absent.

The following code will re-add dc:title. Save it to the root folder of your CWIS site as oai_fix.php then either run php oai_fix.php from a shell or load http://YourSite/oai_fix.php from a browser. Once the fix is applied, you'll want to delete oai_fix.php from your site.

$OAIServer = $GLOBALS["G_PluginManager"]->GetPlugin("OAIPMHServer");

$Formats = $OAIServer->ConfigSetting("Formats");
$Formats["oai_dc"]["Elements"]["dc:title"] = 1;
$OAIServer->ConfigSetting("Formats", $Formats);