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Auto Screen Shot for Resources

I am looking into an issue with the Auto Screen Shot plugin for CWIS on

I am recieving this error in the MySQL:

/AutoScreenshot/bin/ Permission denied

I am not sure what to make of this error.

I also have another error that is showing up under administration/plugins

securimage: Plugin securimage could not be loaded because securimage was not a subclass of base Plugin class

If you could let me know if they are related or not and what the underlying problem could be the both of these errors.



Craig Holzinger



Re: Auto Screen Shot for Resources

Hi, Craig.  Sorry to hear that it's being problematic.


Regarding "/AutoScreenshot/bin/ Permission denied", the AutoScreenshot plugin uses a helper shell script to take the screenshots.  It looks like either your archive program didn't respect the 'execute' bit set on that file, or your server is configured to prevent PHP from running shell commands.  Can you check to see what the permissions are on that file?


The error regarding "securimage" would seem to be unrelated.


We use the "securimage" library in our Captcha plugin, and the library should live in "plugins/Captcha/securimage".  But from that error, it looks like that library somehow got moved to "plugins/securimage" instead.

Re: Auto Screen Shot for Resources



I'll look into the folder priviledges for the Auto Screen shot.


Oh, I'll remove the extra folder called secureimage from plugins and see how that works