Installing on Amazon Linux

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Installing on Amazon Linux

(I have a very gappy knowledge of what I'm doing, so this is probably something very low-brained) I've installed CWIS on an Amazon EC2 server, and the installation was successful, but when I clicked to go to the homepage, it took me to a blank page.  The tab shows "Online Resource Portal - Home" but there's nothing in the page itself.  the site's link is

Once the site gets made, and it asks to take me to my new CWIS page, it keeps pointing me to (the double slash being sort of odd, and the tab says it can't be found, the page is still just blank (no errors))


Re: Installing on Amazon Linux

Based on that log, the installation was indeed successful.

When I load the front page of your site and view the source, the beginning portion of a normal CWIS page is generated, but it is cut off before any visible content is produced.  Is there anything in your server's error_log file (the system-wide one generated by apache, usually stored in /var/log/httpd)?

Also, could you specify what revision of Amazon Linux you're using (e.g, AMI 2013.09) ?

Re: Installing on Amazon Linux

I got an error message when I was running installcwis.php for cwis 3.0.2:

Invalid metadata field ID (-1) (AddField)

Please correct these problems and re-run the installation.

Can someone tell me how to fix it?


Re: Installing on Amazon Linux

We'll be happy to help track down and fix the problem, but need more information to do so.

Is this happening when installing version 3.0.2 from scratch, or when upgrading an existing installation?
What messages do you see immediately before the error message?
Do you know what version of Amazon Linux you're using (e.g. AMI 2013.09)?