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g and r links

I'm still working through and documenting upgrade-triggered (CWIS version) issues in test upgrade regions for several client websites.

I have one site that we upgraded where search results started using G and R links (e.g. /g3995 and /r3995/resource_name). And these links work.

But on another upgraded site, the search results are using these g and r links, but they don't work. They produce 404s. Except they don't get logged as 404s, they get logged as 200s, but the browser gets the CWIS 404 page (showing the g or r URL, so not much useful diagnostic value).

Is this an .htaccess rewrite problem?  Or should I be looking at something else?  

Is there a configuration switch somewhere to make these links work? Or conversely to tell the search results not to use them?

Re: g and r links

On the site where these do not work, if you view Administration / Plugins, is there an error at the top of that page about Clean URL support missing from .htaccess ?  If so, is it possible that the .htaccess for that site was customized after CWIS was installed?  In our upgrade procedure, we check .htaccess to see if it corresponds exactly to something we've shipped with previous versions.  If so, we update it.  If not, we leave it to whomever customized the file to merge in the changes.  Our template .htaccess lives in install/htaccess.DIST.  The portion needed to support CleanURLs starts under the "CLEAN URL SUPPORT" comment and extends to the end of the file, *NOT* including the ending </IfModule>

Alternately, you can disable these links by disabling the CleanURLs plugin.