Spanish language for CWIS. Can I?

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Denis Raul
Spanish language for CWIS. Can I?
I need to translate my CWIS 3.9 into Spanish, I'm in Cuba at a university and requires that Intranet services are in Spanish language.
Are there language packs for CWIS?
I hope I do not have to editing files CWIS. In that case, what should I edit files and where to find them?


Re: Spanish language for CWIS. Can I?

There unfortunately are not any language packs available for CWIS at this time, however significant effort has gone into separating out what is displayed from the functional portions of the software, so you should be able to replace the text at will.

Most of the supplied text can be found in the HTML interface files.  To add a custom interface where you can change the text, follow the steps in the Implementing CWIS Interfaces section of the developer documentation.  All customizations should be done under the local subdirectory tree, so that you'll be able to easily upgrade the software going forward.