EditSysConfig not present in CWIS 4.0

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EditSysConfig not present in CWIS 4.0

Hi to all,

I'm studing CWIS 4.0.
I find that /interface/default/EditSysConfig.html is NOT present in CWIS 4.0
Also file include/ SPT--SystemConfiguration.php is NOT present in CWIS 4.0

But links like .../index.php?P=EditSysConfig are still present in:

Is there any missing piece ?

I'm trying also to upgrade a 2.3.0 installation.
The page /interface/default/EditSysConfig.html is present (old version, Mar 30 2012)
but when i try to use it, I receive this error:

Uncaught Exception
Message: Call to undefined method SystemConfiguration::TitleField()
Location: interface/default/EditSysConfig.html[185]

#0 lib/ScoutLib/ApplicationFramework.php(5878): include()
#1 lib/ScoutLib/ApplicationFramework.php(745): ApplicationFramework::IncludeFile('interface/defau...')
#2 index.php(65): ApplicationFramework->LoadPage('EditSysConfig')
#3 {main}

Do you have any suggestion to fix it ?

Zeno Tajoli

Re: EditSysConfig not present in CWIS 4.0

Hi Zeno.  No, you're not missing anything -- EditSysConfig was replaced by SysConfig in CWIS 4.0, and it looks like we didn't catch links to the old version in some of the administrative help text (and in EditAboutTextComplete.php, but that code block is now never executed).  When you upgrade from 2.3.0, the files for the old EditSysConfig page will still be present, but should not be used -- SysConfig provides all of the same functionality and more.