A great website that makes finding and following the myriad of podcasts available from museums around the U.S. and the world. The site makes selecting podcasts easy from a simple menu - just click on Museum Directory - and the site also provides plenty of technical support (including a live chat option) for how to listen to podcasts. They also provide some freeware, museum job listings, and a blog.

Web Trends Map from Information Architects, 4th edition

Information Architects, a design firm with offices in Japan and Zurich, release their annual web trends map. This is the fourth one in the series. Popular domains on the Web are mapped to the Tokyo Metro and organized by how they are most related to the cities. Heights represent success in traffic and branding. Subway lines are colored by area of interest. For example, take the orange line to find the creatives.

Securing the Future (Or at Least Your Computer)

The NSA sometimes gets a bad rap as a shadowy uber intelligence organization, but the reality is that they do a lot of the boring but important (and often difficult) work to secure national infrastructure for both the U.S. and its allies. Most of that is of hands-on interest only to bureaucrats and security wonks, but every so often something makes it out of Fort Meade that's useful to the rest of us.

My Life with Cables

For pretty much anyone who has ever plugged in a computer, a television, or even a telephone, Christoph Niemann's beautifully-illustrated take on the snarl of problems that cables present will be painfully familiar, as well as good for a few laughs along the way.

Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food in Global Warming

This article from breitbart.com takes a look at a certain aspect of American life that may be contributing more to global warming than you would have thought possible your diet. Did you know that people are eating close to double the recommended amount of meat per year? Did you also know that one kilogram of beef releases sixteen kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent into the air which is ten times higher than that of poultry? Salad anyone?


If you enjoy eating bagels (this New Yorker certainly does), check out this history of our favorite breadstuff. Anyone know where I can get a good one in Madison?

Kickass Classical

You know the song that plays in cartoons when the sun comes up? Or what about the theme song from Monty Python's Flying Circus? You know the melody, you might have a little dance that goes with it, but do you know the composers? The titles? With Kickass Classical, you can find out about classical music from movies, commercials, cartoons, songs, video games and ringtones. You can listen to excerpts and links are provided so you can download a song from iTunes.

Play ball!

A chill is still in the air here in Wisconsin (actually it was 10 degrees, today), but we know that Spring is on its way because Major League Baseballs opening night is only 24 days 22 hours and 32 minutes away (at least as I write this blog). For this reason, I felt it appropriate to mention my favorite baseball statistics website, Baseball-Reference.com. Ive always found this site to be much more useful than anything actually produced by Major League Baseball.

Alt News at Your Fingertips!

This very useful list from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies provides you with a way to check out alt news sources across the country. Click on the name of the weekly pub to get a very nicely written description and history of the publication or go directly to the weekly via the web site link and get your local news fix!