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Backyard Weather Stations

Learn how to build your own backyard weather station with complete directions provided by's Web site, Backyard Weather Stations. The site shows exactly what you'll need and how to build the necessary components (e.g., rain gauge and barometer), as well as how to keep records of the data collected. Parents and teachers will enjoy watching the kids "learn the basics of scientific...

This Topic in Depth begins with a Web site from the Oklahoma Weather Modification Program called Cloud Physics - The Basics (1 ). Students are encouraged to initiate a debate on the controversy surrounding the issue of inducing or enhancing precipitation. Next, the Texas Water Resources Institute Web site, Does Weather Modification Really Work? (3 ) provides a more basic description of...
Climate Information Digest

The Columbia University's International Research Institute for Climate Prediction Web site (last mentioned in the October 27, 1999 Scout Report for Science & Engineering) offers a monthly publication called the Climate Information Digest, which is described as "a global quick look at seasonal climate, its impacts and outlooks." The free digest offers timely climate summaries, predictions, and...
Snow Crystals

The Snow Crystals Web site was created by physics professor Ken Libbrecht from the California Institute of Technology. Visitors get to explore how snow crystals are created and their structure. The main page describes natural and designer snowflakes, which are created in the laboratory, along with dozens of spectacular photographs. The author also details and illustrates the crystalline lattice...
World Weather Information Service

The World Meteorological Organization Web site offers the World Weather Information Service page. Here, visitors will find official weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities worldwide. Users choose a particular continent and country, and are then presented with a list of various cities they can get information on. This includes the date and time of the current forecast,...
World Climate contains data "that are historical weather averages, showing what the weather was typically like each month, averaged over a range of years." Simply enter a city to obtain a list of matching entries; then click on the desired one and up comes all available data. This could include average precipitation, average maximum and minimum temperature, heating and cooling degree days,...
Educational Outreach: References

As part of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, the Educational Outreach Web site contains a References page for teachers. The materials provided are "intended to be used by teachers as refresher information prior to teaching a given subject... and are not meant to be comprehensive, but should provide adequate depth in the subject for use by most K-12 teachers." Titles of the materials include...
Midwestern Regional Climate Center

The Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) is a cooperative program of the Illinois State Water Survey and the National Climatic Data Center. Its mission is to better explain climate and its impacts on the Midwest, provide practical solutions to specific climate problems, and allow us to develop climate information for the Midwest. Visitors of the site can view climate maps of temperature and...

The first site is offered by the educational Web site BrainPOP called Humidity Movie (1), is part of the humidity measurement manufacture Rotronics larger Web site. Several subjects are presented including the Physics of Humidity, Humidity Definitions, and the Effects of Temperature and Pressure on Humidity. The third site on humidity is presented by USA Today's Weather Web site called Humidity...
NOAA Backgrounder: NOAA's Top Global Weather, Water and Climate Events of the 20th Century

Here's an interesting "greatest of the century list." Compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this list details global storms and climate events most "noted for their atmospheric marvel or impact on human life."
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