Dog Person

For those of us who are dog people, the online version of Bark (a hip canine mag) is a nice browse. A good way to distract yourself from work, scratch the surface and learn a little more about our four legged friends or chew on some very well written doggy themed essays.

Interesting.com: Follow Your Interests

The designers of Interesting.com try to make learning about your hobbies fun through interactive and stimulating learning. Find interesting stories about World War II escapes, early baseball records, and the celebration of Christmas in different cultures! Do you collect state quarters? Have an interest in knitting? Who is your favorite artist? You can find out at Interesting.com. Whether searching for more information on a specific topic, or just browsing, you can view images, watch videos, read interesting stories, or take quizzes on your favorite subjects.

From the Zen Tricksters to the Grateful Dead.....

Whether you are working at Cold Spring Harbor or the local Culver's, live music can certainly make the day go just a bit faster. So why not take a look into the Internet Archive's Live Music Archive? With over 2400 bands represented (whew!), visitors can listen to thousands of live concerts here at their leisure. The Grateful Dead has their own section, so why not open up a container of Cherry Garcia and listen to their 1973 appearance at the venerable Dane County Coliseum....good times indeed!

What's the deal with bidding on hotel rooms online?

Bidding on hotel rooms online can be an enigmatic proposition at times, leaving even the most carefree traveller to wonder whether they will end up with bed-bug bites, a smoke-filled room, or near an industrial park. This website relies on input from those who made successful bids on sites like Hotwire and Priceline, and visitor can look around to find out what specific hotels they might be talking about when they mention a three star for 67 dollars in Boston's theater district...and dozens of other places as well!

Vegan Cupcakes and So Much More...

Forget the fact that it's vegan and just enjoy the fact that it's fabulous! I only say this because so many people have an initial reaction to vegan recipes (something about tofu and sprouts and raw food experiences) -- and this site rocks! The recipes are wonderful and the info is provided in a well put together pleasurable site. I made the peanut butter oatmeal cookies this weekend and let's just say there wasn't one left by Monday evening :-)