British Movie Houses, Tours and Histories

Ever watched a movie set in Great Britain and wondered more about the house (or more often manor) used in the film? Whether it is Netherfield from A&E's Pride and Prejudice or the Pope's Italian Summer Residence in the recent DaVinci Code (yep, not in Italy), this site will help. You can search by movie or a multitude of other subjects. Most entries provide photos along with a full history of the home, ownership, open to the public, and other films the house may have appeared in. You can also find out which houses are at risk due to neglect or encroachment.

Gorillaz Homepage

Any electronic-rock/hip-hop music lover who hasn't yet checked out

www.gorillaz.com is in for a treat. This site is completely interactive,

with seemingly endless navigation possiblities. Check out the elevator,

and discover new Gorillaz news, interactive games (don't skip Russel's room) and a wide array of other activities to keep you

entertained or at least to waste some time!

The art form of the music video gets its due....

It's rather hard to find actual music videos on television these days,

as reality fare tends to dominate such networks. The folks at Pitchfork

have compiled their own list of their personal favorite 100 music

videos, complete with witty commentaries and the like (and of course,

the video in question for your viewing pleasure. There are a few real

gems in here, including A-Ha's brilliant sketch-filled Take on Me.

Visitors should also go directly to the ponderous and Wagnerian video

Arcade Typing Tutor

Remember typing class in school? Remember having to type really boring phrases that the teacher gave you over and over again? Although there have been many attempts at making learning typing more fun (Mario Teaches Typing, anyone?) I think this program has finally nailed it on the head. Arcade Typing Tutor is a Space Invaders-like typing program, where the words are various space junk hurdling toward you, and as you type the word correctly, the object is shot with a laser.

Stuff on My Cat

Stuff + Cats = Awesome!

Cats. They think they are so great. But let's see how great they are when they're dressed in foo-foo bridesmaid's dresses, or covered tip to tail in refrigerator magnet poetry. Here is what you do:

1) Lull your cat to sleep with Fancy Feast and fine music.

2) Find all the junk you can in your apartment.

3) Place all the junk on your cat. (Extra points for architecturally impossible placement!)

One Hundred Slices of Life

In Hong Kong there is a housing complex where each unit is only ten feet square. Photographer Michael Wolf went there and took 100 snapshots of 100 different units, each from the same perspective. The result is a fascinating look into the myriad ways that people arrange their homes and personal space.

The Good, the Bad and the Rotten

In the spirit of greatest hits albums and AFI Top 100 Lists I present RottenTomatoes.com a site which aggregates critics film reviews and quantifies them on its Tomatometer. With a searchable database, rankings, articles and general film information this site reads like IMDB.com on antioxidants. Before you gamble two hours of your life (that youll never get back) on the latest movie, check it out for any bruising or bad spots.