From candy corn to peeps, or a trip down candy lane

With the approach of Halloween, it seems appropriate to root around the web for something candy-related. I'm glad to report that I've struck Yellow #5 and cacao gold with this delightfully saccharine weblog offered up by the National Confectioners Association. Visitors can read about interesting new products, watch a video of candy corn being made, and even learn more about sensible candy consumption around Halloween.

Why is Gas So Expensive?

With gasoline prices flirting with $5 a gallon in the past year and oil companies earning $100 billion or so annually, it's a good time to question what really goes into the price of gas. This article from The Consumerist helps shed a little light on the subject by walking us through the economics of the process from the oil well to your corner gas station.

Improbable Research Will Make You Laugh and Think

Here at the Scout Project we like to laugh and think, often at the same time. As it turns out, so do the good folks at the Improbable Research organization. On this site, visitors can learn about research they've uncovered that spans everything from patents on a method for restaurant patrons to not calculate a tip to some truly bizarre anti-terrorism devices. Then visitors must not leave without also checking out their annual IgNobel Prizes, which are held every year at Harvard.

Roller Coasters Reviewed, Discussed, and Dissected Here

The world of roller-coasters can be fraught with dissension and debate. The Ultimate Rollercoaster website doesn't shy away from such matters, and visitors with a passion for such matters will find plenty to keep them entertained here. Visitors can read about the new Evel Knievel Roller Coaster at Six Flags, St. Louis and the fabled Kentucky Rumbler wooden roller coaster that reigns supreme over Beach Bend Park. Don't forget to look in on their book of records and their extensive online photo gallery.

New York Times: Adam Liptak

Adam Liptak, the New York Times national legal correspondent, is the author of the Times' highly accessible legal column Sidebar, which covers and considers developments in the world of law, explaining the significance of legal developments, the stories of the underlying court cases, and the intersecting orbits of lawyers, clients, lawmakers, scholars and judges. Here, visitors will find an archive of that column and all of Liptak's writing for the Times since 1984.

This Side of the Truth

Do you like the British version of The Office, the TV show Extras, or Ricky Gervais in general? If so, then his blog covering the activities surrounding the making of his new movie This Side of the Truth should not be missed. As one can imagine, the movie set is filled with silliness on screen and off screen and Mr. Gervais is kind enough to provide his readers with videos and photos along the way. If you are new to the blog it is suggested that you scroll down to the beginning as there are reoccurring characters and storylines throughout. Enjoy!

Flight Attendant Uniform Collection

Have you ever found yourself wondering what sort of uniforms the flight attendants of Tyrolean Airways wear? Well, I haven't either, but once I started looking at the uniforms featured on this site I could not stop. Cliff Muskiet, flight attendant and aviation enthusiast, has been collecting uniforms from airlines around the world since 1980. His website contains hundreds of images of uniforms from his amazing collection. Styles vary greatly by region and decade, but they are all fun to look at!


Ever wondered who would emerge victorious between Hillary and Obama? Red Sox vs. Yankees? Well, now you can find out. Use googlefight.com to pit people or things against each other and watch the animated battle. The winner is determined by comparing the quantity of Google search results between the parties. Googlefight keeps a record of previous fights and catalogs the funniest and the classics (Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, McDonalds vs. Burger King, etc). This is an entertaining time waster, so satisfy your curiosity and check out googlefight.com.