Browser Capabilities

The Browser Capabilities plugin provides a programmer-friendly API for determining the features, type, and capabilities of a user's browser and operating system based on information sent to the web server when visiting a page from within CWIS. Developers can use it to determine if a user is browsing the site from Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, from Mac OS X or Windows, or even from a mobile device. The Mobile UI Switcher plugin uses it to automatically switch to alternate user interfaces tailored for mobile devices, for example.


Using this plugin requires technical expertise and is aimed at web developers who are creating a user interface or developing a plugin. Please refer to the developer documentation distributed with CWIS for more information on those topics. It is available from the Developer Support section of the System Configuration page in CWIS.

Included in CWIS: 
Version Downloads Date
1.0.1 Package icon zip 11/20/2012