CWIS Support


Visit the CWIS forums if you'd like to ask a question about or discuss CWIS. There you can find announcements, useful tips for metadata and cataloging in CWIS, help for customizing the appearance or functionality of CWIS, assistance on setting up or developing CWIS plugins, or general troubleshooting advice.

You need to be logged in to post to the forums. You can register for an account or login if you have not done so already.


Major CWIS announcements are displayed on the news and updates page and are posted to the CWISAnnounce mailing list. You can sign up for the announcements list through the CWISAnnounce subscription page.

Mailing Lists

The user discussion mailing list has been discontinued in favor of the CWIS forums, but you may still view prior postings to the list in the SPT-CWIS-Users Archives. Entries prior to May 2004 can be found in the old SPTUsers Archives or CWISUsers Archives for the SPT Users and CWIS Users lists respectively.


Since CWIS is a free software package and Internet Scout is a non-profit academic organization, Scout can't provide corporate-style technical support, but the CWIS team at Scout is always happy to answer questions and provide assistance as time permits. If you have a question about the CWIS or discover a bug, please post on the CWIS forums.