The Folders plugin allows users to create, manage, annotate, and share groups of resources. A folder can be used to collect favorite resources, "bookmark" interesting resources to look over at a later time, present a list of featured or useful resources, or even for collection administrators to group resources they would like to review.

Folders and the resources within them can be reordered using a drag-and-drop interface, and users can add notes to folders or individual resources. The Folders plugin is heavily integrated into CWIS, meaning that resources can be added to a folder from anywhere a resource is displayed and that all of the results of a search can be added to a folder with a single click. Folders can also be made publicly viewable and shared among users or with the public.

Included in CWIS: 
Version Downloads Date
1.0.1 Package icon zip 6/13/2013
1.0.0 Package icon zip 11/20/2012