phpBB Login Synchronization

The phpBB Login Synchronization plugin allows a phpBB forum to use CWIS user accounts, such that logging into either site will automatically log a user in to both. A companion phpBB plugin must be installed and enabled on the phpBB site for synchronization to function. A CWIS-like phpBB theme is also provided and recommended. Detailed usage instructions are in 'plugins/phpBBSync/README'.


  • Both sites must have access to the CWIS databases. This is simplest if they run on the same server.
  • A dedicated phpBB is recommended; the plugin replaces phpBB's usual account mechanism with one that checks only CWIS accounts.  Therefore, any accounts that only exist on the phpBB site will cease to work.
  • If your sites run on separate servers, you may wish to use the OpenId Server plugin instead. However, OpenId Server does not automatically log users in to all connected sites.  It only allows the same user account to be used across several sites.
Third-Party Integration
Included in CWIS: 
Version Downloads Date
1.0.1 Package icon zip 6/13/2013
1.0.0 Package icon zip 11/20/2012